5 Incredible Pool Landscape Designs For Your Home in Austin, TX

5 Incredible Pool Landscape Designs For Your Home in Austin, TX

Pool Landscape Designs For Your Home in Austin, TX

With the average summer temperatures in Austin hovering around 90 degrees, having a pool in your backyard is like a cool oasis to escape to. So why not embrace this sentiment and create a lush resort feel with pool landscaping around your backyard pool?

Check out these five pool landscaping designs for ideas on how you can elevate the look of your pool.

1. Lush Resort Oasis

When people think of pool landscaping, they immediately dream of a lush tropical oasis. You can create this in your backyard by choosing tropical plants that thrive in the heat. It’s even better if you choose plants that flower.

To complete the look, place some boulders around the pool area for the plants to grow around. This works especially well with a ground cover plant that will wrap around the boulders and fill in the crevices. A landscape design service can help you source and place the boulders.

2. Containers

If the idea of letting the landscaping run wild stresses you out, then you’ll appreciate the organized feel of well-placed containers. Look for containers of various sizes to strategically place around your pool area.

When filling your containers, you want them to be large enough to hold several plants. Each container should have a tall plant that makes the most impact. Then there should be a medium height plant that acts as a filler.

Then finally, you should include a spiller at the edges. This plant will grow over the edge of the container to create a lush look.

Try to choose plants of varying colors to add detail and interest to your potted arrangement.

3. Clean and Green

If lush plants don’t interest you at all, then consider the clean and trim look of perfectly green grass framing your pool. The key to making this look work is picking the right types of grass. You want something that will thrive in Texas, but also be comfortable to walk on.

4. Low Maintenance Shrubbery

If the idea of committing to regular care of your landscaping isn’t appealing, then consider a low maintenance option. Create a Mediterranean style courtyard in your backyard. Choose plants that are hardy and thrive in dry, rocky environments.

This rustic approach will not only look at home in your Texas back yard, but the plants will survive the sometimes harsh climate. Or you could have turfgrass laid and eliminate the care of real grass completely.

5. Moroccan Getaway

Create an exotic escape in your backyard with Moroccan inspired draping greenery. You’ll need to install a lattice or other structure for the fine to grow on. Then choose a plant that loves the sun, such as Russian sage.

As the vines grow, they’ll make their way over the structure. You benefit from having a beautiful backyard and a naturally shaded area to hang out under and enjoy the Austin summer.

Try These Pool Landscape Designs

When it comes to considering pool landscape designs, you need to think about your backyard, your budget, and the required amount of maintenance. The best pool gardening ideas will fit these requirements.

If you’re unsure of where to start with pool landscape designs or struggling between two options, it’s best to seek the help of professionals. They can walk you through different pool landscaping ideas and help you determine which is the best choice for you and your property.

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