9 Striking Succulents: A Growing Texas Trend, Santa Rita Prickly Pear Opuntia Santa-Rita, Opuntia Violacea Santa-Rita)

9 Striking Succulents: A Growing Texas Trend

Succulents: A Growing Texas Trend For Splendid Outdoor Living Ambiance

Having a garden can be challenging to design or maintain for many homeowners, but having a green thumb is not always necessary thanks to the latest outdoor-gardening trend.

Succulents are little plants with a big personality and a variety like no other. These plants have found favor with outdoor living landscape designers, home décor experts, and the social media-obsessed for their versatility and unique appearances. They can be a small yet unique and beautiful new addition to any backyard space.

Succulents have recently surged in popularity in the great state of Texas for many reasons; for one, they love the Texas weather, but mostly for their eye-catching appearances.

These quaint plants come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, making them a perfect complement to any outdoor décor. Designers are particularly pleased with succulents because they can survive in any pot, teacup, or planter, making them easy to add as a low-effort accent piece. A healthy succulent is as charming as a sculpture, so why not add them to your outdoor living space?

Unlike other plants, succulents are hearty and thrive on neglect. If you have the terrible habit of forgetting to water your plants, don’t worry! Succulents are naturally used to dry climates. They store water in their leaves, which keeps them looking beautiful when not watered. Caring for these popular plants doesn’t require a large commitment! If you find the leaves withering, then its time to water. Your succulent will stay vibrant and healthy as long as it gets just enough water and adequate sunlight. The killer is overwatering. You will never have to worry if your garden is ready for its photo op! If you’re new to growing plants or live your life on the go, succulents are the perfect plant to suit your lifestyle.

Once your green thumb gets a little greener, a whole new world of succulents can open up to you. These tiny plants are the gift that can keep on giving, and you can even share them with a friend.

Succulents of all kinds have a unique natural ability to grow new plants from the existing one. It’s as easy as just pulling off a leaf! No, really, it is! Many succulents can create new plants from the leaves or stems of healthy ones. If you’re feeling brave enough, pull off a leaf and wait. With a little extra care (and some research), you can have a new baby succulent! Don’t worry if you feel the need to take a little from the top; your succulent will survive it! Just wait for the plant to continue growing and then re-pot it. Your small outdoor plant can turn into a trendy, more extensive garden in no time.

Succulents and The Aesthetic Diversity They Bring To Texas Homes

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The color of the leaves ranges from black to a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes. The leaves are round and have a soft waxy appearance.

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Blue Chalk Sticks (Senecio Mandraliscae)

They are vivid blue with a touch of green and silvery tone in color and are great for covering more ground. The leaves are thin and finger-like. They branch out and spread from the base and are the ideal plant that will look good all year long.

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With pronounced ribs and spines, these succulents are tree-like columnar plants. They tend to grow tall with white flowers producing a sweet fragrance and are considered the queen of the night.

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Purple in color, they flower year after year.

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Echinocereus (Hedgehog Cactus)

With its defined ribs and covered with tightly packed spines, they grow in a cylindrical fashion. They thrive on intense heat and full sun.

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This succulent has tightly packed rosettes. It’s hardy because it handles even the sunniest of sun and the much colder climates.

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Paddle Plant

This plant loves hot weather. Its intense color provides for a whimsical look that makes a dramatic statement. The leaves are flat and grow in layers that form an odd-looking rosette.

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Parry’s Agave

This succulent can measure around three feet tall and wide. It is an excellent statuesque focal point; however, because of its spiny ends, it is not recommended to plant on path edges.

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Santa Rita Prickly Pear (Opuntia Santa-Rita, Opuntia Violacea Santa-Rita)

The Santa Rita Prickly Pear (otherwise known as the Opuntia Santa-Rita and Opuntia Violacea Santa-Rita) is perfect for Texas homeowners. If you love color this would be perfect. It has yellow flowers that appear in the spring and grey/blue pads that turn purple in the winter. It tolerates extreme sun and heat. It can grow up to five feet tall and wide. It makes for some of the prettiest landscapes.

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