Beautiful Poolside Landscaping Ideas

Beautiful Poolside Landscaping Ideas

A swimming pool in your yard is a great way to unleash outdoor excitement. But a pool without proper landscaping may fail to deliver joy and artistic content to your yard. There are many ways to design a beautiful Austin poolside landscape. Here are a few suggestions from our professional team:

Austin swimming pool lighting

Add outdoor lighting

Wouldn’t you love to use your pool 24/7? Pool lighting can create an incredible new perspective of the landscape around the pool. It can highlight the surrounding foliage and the pool waters, and it will help you to navigate to the pool area safely during the night.

Set up a string of LED lights around the pool or along the pool walls. They are lighter, easy to set up, and energy-efficient. Avoid harsh overhead lighting. Instead, use light beams beneath the water. You can even hide it among the potted plants, or add subtly along the walkways. This will provide enough illumination to see in the dark while maintaining the nighttime mood.

Include a water feature

Do you think water features are only for the pool? Think again! Water features are a unique way of incorporating style into your yard. Install a fountain or waterfall at the shallow end of the pool. Use any dead backyard space surrounding your pool to install a decorative spout or a fountain. You can even consider a wall fountain with distinctive laser-cut steel sculptures.

Austin swimming pool landscaping

Add a stylish fence

Fences provide much-needed privacy and protection. This is especially true if you have small children in the family or when dealing with nosy neighbors. It can feel weird to swim in a fishbowl that is visible to everyone. You would also not want anyone falling into the pool accidentally. A fence can be both stylish and practical. This will help it to deliver its duties without compromising on the beauty of your backyard pool landscape.

Plant trees and vegetation

Greenery in your landscape can perform dual functions. It can act as a beautiful backdrop and improve your privacy. Consider using plants that are native to your region. Also, avoid plants that are favored by bees to prevent accidental stings. You may also want to consider the plant’s size at maturity. This is needed to check whether it overtakes the pool space and intervene in your pool’s piping system.

austin poolside landscaping

Surround yourself with seating

Being able to relax around the pool is as important as the pool itself. Consider investing in durable, high-quality, and stylish benches, lounge chairs, and sectionals. The seating area must be comfortable, relaxing, and let you enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

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