Bee Cave TX Poolside Pergola with Deck Ideas

Bee Cave TX Poolside Pergola with Deck Ideas

Inspirational Poolside Pergola with Deck Ideas for your Bee Cave TX Home

Do you live in Bee Cave TX? Are you interested in Bee Cave TX Poolside Pergola with Deck Ideas? Perfect! Keep reading to learn more.


Not only does shade give you a chance to escape from the heat of a summer’s day, but it also has safety benefits. Keep your family’s skin healthy by adding an attractive pergola to your backyard.

The most basic style of pool pergola has an open-grid roof held up by four vertical beams. Builders construct them from a wide range of materials: natural or upcycled wood, pressure-treated timber, cedar, or vinyl.

Read on to discover trending Bee Cave TX poolside pergola designs, alone or with a deck, as well as pergolas placed in other locations that are guaranteed to enhance your backyard.

Free-Standing Pergola

Free-standing pergolas are best suited to larger yards where you have the space to build the necessary foundations and decking. Because this pergola is big, you can use it for almost anything: an outdoor lounge, a games room, a BBQ shelter, or a dining spot.

A free-standing pergola is also perfect for yards without a pool.

You can change this type of pool pergola to suit all sorts of outdoor environments. For example, pools and ponds can sometimes attract mosquitoes and other pests. Fit your pergola with insect-proof netting to enjoy the outdoors–bite free. The netting can double as shade cloth on sunny days.

Pergolas for Outdoor Dining

Bee Cave is blessed with balmy, dry weather in the summer. Make the most of it by moving your dining outdoors and into your pool pergola.

A pergola set-up for dining might include everything from a single gas BBQ to a full outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. Add a dining table, comfy chairs, and some string lights. You have the perfect spot to wine and dine with family and friends!

Ask your builder to attach a canvas or roofing to your pergola to keep the rain out. Not worried about wet weather? Grow a grapevine over the beans to add a touch of the Italian countryside.

Pergola Over Pool Style

Young children love swimming pools but as diligent parents know, they need supervising.

Busy parents have been crying out for overlook-style poolside pergolas. They combine the good looks and shade of a pool pergola with the good views of a deck.

Ask your contractor to build it as close to the pool as possible. Furnish it with comfy lounge chairs and sleek side tables. Sit back and relax, book in hand, as the kids splash around in the pool.

Add a canopy for extra shade and to keep sensitive skin out of the sun.

Hot Tub Pergola

Here’s another great idea for time-weary parents or rest-seeking retirees: surround your hot tub with a pergola and enjoy using it any time of the year.

A solid roof will keep everything from sun to snow out. Attach a low fence and gate to keep the kids safe.

Live in a close-knitted neighborhood? Enclose two or three sides of poolside pergolas for extra security and privacy. Make sure you leave at least one side open for ventilation. All that steam needs somewhere to go!

Decorative Pergola

Sometimes a pergola doesn’t need to serve any purpose at all. Decorative poolside pergola ideas can add a touch of much-needed charm to your yard.

Keep them neutral to bring diverse elements like tiles, pool liners, paving, and trees together. Or set them in contrast with those same features with bright colored paint or patterns.

Drape wooden beams with sturdy canvas sails for a nautical theme. Combine dark-stained wooden slats with metal supports for a more minimalist look.

Pergola with Deck

After deciding on your pergola’s perfect design and location, the right type of patio decking needs to be considered. There are a wide variety of decking materials, each having their own feel and look. It is essential to choose a patio deck that is aesthetically pleasing under the pergola; however, the location is critical to think about.

Installing it by the pool? Choosing a material that is slip-resistant, smooth and one that will not splinter are the best options.

If your pergola is open and will allow the hot sun to come through, a light color patio is best. Choosing travertine is just one recommendation.

Are you creating tropical decorative looking backyard outdoor space, the natural stone would look great. It provides a natural look and can come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Have you put your pergola over your hot tub and need ideas for the patio decking to put under it? If so, because of a hot tub’s weight, durability is the number one factor, so try considering concrete or pavers. However, as long as the hot tub is on a strong and durable foundation, one option to think about is constructing wood decking up around it. This will also give you a hot tub with a sunken-in appearance.

Bee Cave TX Poolside Pergola with Deck Ideas

A Bee Cave TX Poolside Pergola to Suit Every Backyard

Not only will a well-built pool pergola enhance your home life, but this attractive backyard feature can also increase the value of your home.

The team at IES Pools has the know-how and the equipment to build homeowners their perfect Bee Cave TX poolside pergola. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.