Driftwood Landscaping Ideas and Garden Accents

Driftwood Landscaping Ideas and Garden Accents

Do you live in Driftwood, Texas or just looking for a few outdoor landscaping ideas using driftwood? No worries, we have you covered. Below we provide a few great ideas for both.

Living in Driftwood Texas

Driftwood, Texas is a lovely town with hot, sunny summers. The best way to enjoy the great weather is to take a dive in your own backyard pool, or maybe invite friends over for a barbecue. Furthermore, the best way to accentuate your backyard fun is beautiful landscaping. Any landscaping expert knows that the best landscaping is not just nice shrubs and trees, it goes beyond that.

The IES Pools Advantage

Landscaping is a subtle art that takes all the pieces of an area and combines them into a cohesive whole. A skilled landscaping artist will listen to your aesthetic preferences and understand the style and look you want, then they’ll consider the practical ways you use the area. In doing so, the IES Pools experts combine form and function to provide a revolutionary backyard experience. With the great value that landscaping can offer our neighbors in Driftwood, we’ve put together these driftwood landscaping ideas. 

Driftwood TX Landscaping Ideas

Luxurious, Flower-Ringed Sauna Pool

When you’re looking into a new pool or pool with a spa, IES Pools is always the right choice. However, maybe you’re interested in upgrading the look and feel of your poolscape. In this case, you’ll enjoy paved or cobbled walking areas around it, poolside flower beds, and all other sorts of pool-oriented landscaping.

A similar concept is a freeform pool design with smooth, flowing edges and carefully trimmed bushes around the edges. A unique piece of twisted driftwood can be placed anywhere and in all directions to create many different views. This sort of pool landscaping idea can make you feel like you’re in the midst of a natural oasis in the forest, all from the comfort of your own home.

Peaceful, Zen Garden

driftwood Driftwood Landscaping Ideas and Garden Accents IES Pools

If you’re interested in a place to relax, we appreciate the combination of practical design concerns and stylistic choices that inspire soothing feelings.

There’s something serene about footpaths of pebble and stone winding over to your pergola, especially when it covers a seating area that’s ringed with trees and shrubbery.

Transform your favorite rest area into an immaculate garden where you can unwind beneath the partial shade of a pergola with a book.

Last but not least, think about how a handcrafted bonzai tree made out of driftwood will add that extra touch to your peaceful, zen garden.

Accentuate and Fireproof Your Firepit

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Whether you have an impressive outdoor kitchen or simple firepit, landscaping can improve the social experience at your backyard.

A ring of stone flooring around the pit automatically creates a sort of emphasis on it as a focal point for people to gather around with food and drink. As an added bonus, this sort of surrounding area is completely fireproof.

You can add some simple, wooden chairs around the area and place beside a piece of natural driftwood that is carved out with beautiful foliage flowing out of the top.

Decorating with Driftwood and Stones

What garden accent is better suited to the town of Driftwood than a driftwood-based, beach-inspired style? You can surround your pool with fine-grain sand and dot the landscape with driftwood and colorful pebbles for a nature-oriented landscaping accent. The theme can go even so far as using suitable pieces of driftwood and rocks for seating.

The Best Texas Landscaping Company

No one in Driftwood TX has an eye for landscaping like our expert team at IES Pools, the best Texas landscaping company. We take every element of your yard into consideration and recommend ideas that combine beauty and practicality. From the beginning of the design process all the way to the end of development, we include you every step of the way as your vision takes shape.

If you’re interested in more Driftwood landscaping ideas or want your own ideas turned into reality, get in touch with IES Pools today.