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Proven Outdoor Kitchen Contractor Austin TX

5 Reasons To Hire An Outdoor Kitchen Contractor in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas clocks in with an average of 2,630 hours of sunshine each year. And if you live there, you should really be optimizing your outdoor space. 

Having outdoor entertainment areas like kitchen and dining spaces allows you to expand your home and enjoy all the sunshine that this beautiful city has to offer. But it can sometimes be a little intimidating as you’re making a plan, hard to know exactly where to start.

That’s why we’ve created this blog post. If you’re considering installing an outdoor kitchen for more entertaining space, then here are 5 reasons to hire a professional outdoor kitchen contractor.

1. Safety and DIY

There are some DIY projects that are totally safe, but laying gas lines, wiring for appliances, and installing water lines are not among them. 

Kitchens require electricity, gas lines, plumbing, concrete, and more. These all require the use of potentially dangerous materials and substances that shouldn’t be installed unless by a professional contractor. 

If you want to do some of the work yourself, consider building some of your own patio furniture, updating the surrounding landscaping, or creating some of the decorations. 

2. Expertise

When you hire a professional you get the benefit of their many years of expertise regarding layout, materials suited well for your particular climate, and many other aspects of an outdoor kitchen install.

They’re also familiar with building codes, regulations, and other rules in Austin. That way you don’t have to worry about any of those parts of the process.

They can provide insight on how to optimize your space, plan for sun exposure, and how to avoid potential hazards.

3. Patios and Pergolas

Many outdoor kitchens will require either a patio, some kind of shade cover, or both. These aren’t projects that should be taken on by an amateur wood-worker.

These structures will likely be attached to the house and if done incorrectly could cause serious damage to your home or the people using it. 

4. The Timeline of An Outdoor Kitchen Contractor 

Another benefit of going with a professional is that the project will have an estimated timeline and it will likely be done quicker than you could do it on your own. If you’re DIYing this project in your spare time it could take months and even over a year to perform all the tasks involved in a kitchen installation.

With a contractor, you’ll have a reliable estimate on time and have it done quickly. 

5. Access to Materials

Contractors will have access to the highest quality and value materials, appliances, and machinery. So by partnering with a professional you’ll be able to save money on those things. 

Let’s Get Cooking!

Don’t let a beautiful outdoor kitchen exist only in your dreams. Hire an outdoor kitchen contractor today to turn your wasted backyard into an oasis. IES Pools can definitely help you with this.

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