Swimming During COVID Pandemic: Why It Could Be a Great Idea

Swimming During COVID Pandemic: Why It Could Be a Great Idea

Swimming During COVID Can Have Great Benefits

The pandemic has turned everyday life into an obstacle course. 

When at a swimming pool, you’d usually be hoping the person next to you has good hygiene. These days, you have to count on it. 

But although it has become a bit of a challenge, swimming during COVID is a better idea than you may think. Keep reading to learn why. 

Swimming During COVID 

While there are precautions you should take before going swimming, it is still considered safe!  

The two recommended ways to enjoy swimming are either having a pool of your own or going to an outdoor public swimming pool, although owning a pool is the safer option. Indoor public swimming pools are not recommended, as being indoors does not provide adequate airflow for the virus to escape.  

If you choose to go to a public pool, you should adhere to the guidelines they have set for maximum safety. When swimming, try and stay six feet or more apart from others. As long as you do this, you should be safe as there is no evidence from the CDC that suggests COVID-19 travels through water. If you are required to shower or pass through a locker room beforehand, go quickly so you are not in a confined space for too long. 

It’s also important to note that while wearing masks is necessary for most areas, it’s not advisable to wear a mask while swimming. 

If you already have your own pool or are looking to build a pool, take note of chlorine levels and other necessary chemicals. Chemical disinfection is a good way to ensure COVID-19 or other illnesses are not spread through the water. 

Ease Your Stress About the Pandemic 

Swimming can provide many wonderful health benefits including reduced stress and improved mood (which everyone could benefit from!) 

If you choose to swim in a public pool, doing laps is a great option. As long as you have your own lane and are away from others, this is a safe and low impact form of exercise. It is also a full-body workout, so you can get toned from head to toe.  

If you have an underlying health condition such as asthma or MS that makes you more susceptible to getting COVID, swimming could be for you. It is considered to be a great exercise for both of these conditions. No need to go to the gym and risk getting sick! 

Swimming is also a fun and safe way to get your kids to exercise. If you are in a public pool, games such as Marco Polo may be high risk due to the touching of others. Instead, try doing a relay race or have them fetch something from the bottom of the pool. 

Have Fun Swimming (Safely!) 

The pandemic doesn’t have to ruin all your fun. Swimming during COVID isn’t easy, but it can still be safe. And who knows, maybe it will take away your stress, even if just for a few hours. 

Why Its a Great Idea To Build a Pool During The Pandemic

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