Take a Dip! 5 Splash Worthy Reasons to Have a Swimming Pool

Take a Dip! 5 Splash Worthy Reasons to Have a Swimming Pool

5 Reasons to Have a Swimming Pool

Have you thought about installing a pool at your home this summer?

If you look longingly at your neighbor’s pool and wish you could take a dip, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your backyard and join the scores of families with gleaming in-ground pools across Texas.

Did you know that roughly 10.4 million residential pools exist in the US? Here are some compelling reasons to have a swimming pool in your backyard as well.

1. Beat the Summer Heat

Does the sweltering heat of a Texas summer drive you nuts?

Nothing beats the heat quite like a dip in a pool. Of course, you can visit a public pool once in a while, but that doesn’t compare to cooling down on demand in your own private oasis.

Whether you need to cool off after a long day of work or you’d love a morning swim on a mid-summer’s day, your own pool is always open and empty for you to enjoy.

2. Swimming Benefits Your Health

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Did you know that simply spending time in water promotes good physical and mental well-being?

Aquatic therapy has been a staple of healthcare for centuries. Here are just a few health benefits of swimming:

  • Improved circulation throughout your body
  • Possible weight loss
  • A decrease of aches and pains in those who are chronically ill

In fact, a new study shows that spending time in a swimming pool can decrease abdominal fat. Since abdominal fat is linked to high-risk illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and chronic stress, swimming can impact your life expectancy.

3. Boost Your Home Value

A common myth is that homes with swimming pools don’t sell well. However, it turns out that the opposite is true. A new study concludes that building a pool in your yard boosts your property value by about 15 percent.

Not only are in-ground pools aesthetically pleasing, but they attract a bracket of home buyers who are generally wealthy. Even if you don’t want to sell your home anytime soon, a swimming pool is a long-term investment that may help you sell in a slow market down the line.

4. Teach Kids How to Swim

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Do your children know how to swim?

Research shows that kids who are taught to swim from an early age are at a lesser risk of drowning. And did you know some studies have shown that kids who swim at an early age perform better in school?. According to this data, kids between ages 1-4 benefit most from swimming lessons or having regular access to a pool.

If you can teach your children how to swim at home, you can save money on gear, transportation, and class fees. Also, your children will naturally gain confidence in the water if they have a positive association with swimming in the comfort of their own backyard.

5. Long-Lasting Family Fun

Do you ever wish you could host a pool party?

Imagine how much more fun your backyard barbecues would be with the addition of a pool. Whether you want to invite friends to enjoy the water with you or you’re looking for a way to spend time with your closest loved ones, a pool makes for instant fun at home.

If you purchase the right accessories and pool toys, you may not even want to visit a water park for years to come.

What Are Your Best Reasons to Have a Swimming Pool?

Which of these reasons have convinced you to want a pool at home?

Whatever your personal reasons to have a swimming pool, start your planning today. Visit our site to learn about our pool-building process, and add your dream pool to your yard this season. Get in touch with us today! We will be happy to hear from you.