The Hottest Swimming Pool Designs and Trends of 2020

The Hottest Swimming Pool Designs and Trends of 2020

In 2015, the United States had over 6 million residential swimming pools. That continues to increase each year as people see the many benefits of pool ownership.

If you have dreams of a backyard oasis, now is the time to start planning. This year’s swimming pool designs offer so much more than pools built in the past. Pools have become luxurious, personalized outdoor living spaces.

Check out some of the top designs for 2020. Because we all have different backyards, desires and needs, we show you six different options.

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool can be an excellent choice for small backyards. They typically are no larger than 20 by 13 feet. 

These pools are most often used for lounging; however, resistant jets can be installed to enable swimming in place. Their compact size also makes it easy to turn it into a hot tub, then change it back again for a crisp dip.

Wet Edge Pool

A wet edge pool is also referred to as a perimeter-overflow swimming pool. It has the look of an infinity pool; however, the design creates a spillover of water on all four sides, whereas the infinity pool usually spills over on one edge. The water is collected in a catch basin where it is then recirculated. Wet edge pools offer a stunning visual effect.

Eco-friendly Alternatives

New pool designs implement safe alternatives compared to the traditional chlorine pools.

Saltwater has natural antibacterial properties. A saltwater pool chlorination system has many benefits; maintenance is easier, no more itchy and red eyes, and the soft water is gentle on the skin. The initial start-up is more, but in the long run, it becomes more cost-effective. Homeowners can forgo purchasing pool chemicals on a regular basis. 

Built-in Seating

Pools are a social gathering place. Think about relaxing with family and friends and a cocktail in hand. A pool design with built-in seating is a fabulous choice.

Built-in benches can be placed along the perimeter. A bench-stair combination can extend from the stairs and is both functional and pleasing. For a new look, popular now in 2020, is adding bar stools. They can be circular in style, allowing one to rotate and face all directions.

Tanning Ledges

Tanning ledges are a terrific addition to any pool. These ledges are about 1 foot deep and serve as a place to recline in the sun while enjoying the crisp pool water. 

Children can also use them as a baby pool or a play area.

Include a fountain in the center to make one of the coolest swimming pool trends for adults and children to enjoy.

Dark Lining and Decking

Some pool trends this year are opting for a dark look. Using various deep tones in surface tiles and decking will offset and complement each other for a unique look.

While lighter color pools create more of a beach or tropical feel, dark colors will convey a feeling of deeper water such as a lake or the ocean.

Customizing With Swimming Pool Designs

With so many different swimming pool designs, having your magical one-of-a-kind pool is possible. 

At IES Pools we can make that happen. Let us help you through the entire process, from design, construction through to completion and beyond. Contact us today

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