Stunning Pool Patio Ideas From Your Austin Patio Builders

Austin Patio Builders Provides The Best Pool Patio Ideas

Stunning Pool Patio Ideas From Your Austin Patio Builders

Outdoor entertainment areas may be the biggest home design trend this decade.

The craze began around 2014 when over 56 % of homeowners named updating their exterior entertainment options as a top priority for home upgrades. It hasn’t lost any momentum since then.

So, if you’re a Texas homeowner who’s looking to join the fray, check out these pool patio ideas and how Austin patio builders can help make them a reality. 

Pool Patio Ideas With a Resort Feel

Turn your backyard pool area into a tropical escape by installing a sun deck. It’s easy to create a resort-feel around your pool by extending the paving to include space for a row of high-end outdoor loungers.

This simple installation’s one of the easiest ways to embrace your pool patio aspirations without a lot of time and expense. 

Another swish option is a tanning shelf or in-pool sun deck. This incorporates a five to eight-inch-deep shallow area at the entry to your pool.

Depending on your pool’s layout, this could be either a large area spanning the entire width of the pool or a small section.

When you’re going for a resort look and feel, landscaping is key. Tropical plants and hardscaping can transform any pool area into a verdant oasis. 

Likewise, travertine or natural stone are your best choices to recreate the appearance of a five-star resort. 

Covered Patio Ideas

A covered patio offers respite from the summer sun, especially if your pool’s located at a distance from your home. 

There are numerous ways to achieve a luxurious look for your covered patio. Options include building a wooden pergola, creating a curtained cabana look, or erecting a trellis with climbing plants growing on it.

When you opt for a covered cabana as part of your design, you can also install showers and a changing area if desired. It’s also a great place for a luxury hot tub or spa. 

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Pool Decks

Constructing a wooden deck gives your outdoor entertainment area a slick, modern look with an upmarket feel. Wooden decking suits most home designs and is a top trend among homeowners wanting to improve their home’s exterior appeal. 

It’s also a good option if your yard’s uneven and bring’s a sense of continuity between indoors and outdoors. Wooden decking’s a versatile option offering a wide range of choices when it comes to design styles and the types of wood available. 

Wood’s also cool underfoot, which makes it one of the best options for sunbathing on very hot days. 

All these benefits far outweigh the little bit of extra care involved in maintaining these types of deck and patio ideas.

Choose the Best Austin Patio Builders

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