Inspirational Custom Pool Designs For Your Austin Home

Inspirational Custom Pool Designs For Your Austin Home

Get Inspired with these Incredible Custom Pool Designs

Splish splash!

Is there anything more quintessential about summer than sitting out by your pool and enjoying a lazy evening with your family? Not according to the 10.4 million households in the U.S. that enjoy their own nice pools.

Are you thinking about taking the plunge (literally!) this summer and creating your own backyard oasis complete with a refreshing pool? Then don’t miss these inspirational swimming pool design ideas. Far beyond a simple rectangular pool, there are plenty of exciting custom pool designs for you to pick from.

Let’s get started!

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Multi-Level Pool with Waterfall

Many people love the idea of backyard pool designs incorporating one pool that is big and deep enough for adults to swim in with another, smaller pool alongside that is safer for little kids to play in. Why not elevate that kiddie pool and create a multi-level pool effect?

For a sophisticated touch, you can have the water cascading over the edge and falling into the larger pool. Ever noticed how relaxing it is to listen to the sound of flowing water? You will once you have one of these babies in your backyard!

Worried about the kiddies in an elevated pool? Not a problem, simply add a low fence around the edge to protect them from falling over.

One Rocky Edge

Another great idea for adding a waterfall to your pool is to create a rock wall rising up out of one side of your pool. This is particularly useful when the ground is uneven and one side of the pool has to be dug lower than the other anyway.

Simply build up one side with large, attractive boulders and build a waterfall into it. The pool can be whatever shape you want, the effect will be stunning. And the trickling sound of water will be calling to you on every hot summer day.

Long, Narrow Pool

What if you have a long, narrow backyard? Then you might as well make use of it and build a long, narrow pool. It can be rectangular or an exaggerated oval, or even rectangular with rounded edges. 

The nice thing about this type of pool is that you can swim long laps even in a relatively small space.

In-Pool Seating

What’s better than relaxing with a drink by the pool? How about relaxing with a drink in the pool! Incorporate in-pool seating into your pool’s design and you can do just that. Put the chairs on the side of your pool by the BBQ area and you’ve got an inviting space where people can chat, eat, drink, and hang out in the pool. 

A Smorgasbord of Pool Designs

This is a shortlist of custom pool designs, but trust us when we say there is plenty more where those came from. From circular pools to figure-eight shaped pools to infinity pools and everything in between there are a million ways to create a beautiful pool.

Ready to stop dreaming and get started on building your own in-ground pool in Austin? Contact us today. As a premier custom pool builder in Austin we can do all this and more!