Kool Pool Deck Ideas for Your Austin Home

Kool Pool Deck Ideas for Your Austin Home

Pool Deck Ideas

Texas is home to the world’s largest residential pool. This resort-style pool holds almost 700,000 gallons of water and includes a 500 foot long lazy river, dual 21-foot boulder water slides, two hot tubs, and two boulder bars. 

Your pool may not be anywhere this size, but that’s ok! You can turn your backyard pool into an oasis by creating the perfect pool deck to frame your pool. 

Consider these ideas to turn your pool into the ideal place to escape to this summer. 

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Match Your Home 

Before you start looking at pool deck ideas, take a look at your home. Your pool deck area needs to match the style of your home. You shouldn’t put a sleek and modern pool deck on the back of a country cottage. 

If you already have a patio or other construction in your backyard, consider extending that material out to create your pool deck. If your current backyard could use some TLC, then now is the time to do a makeover on the entire area. 


If you have a large grassy yard, then you can blend that into the pool area by using grass to create your pool deck. The trick to making this look work is to choose the right type of grass. You want to pick a variety that will both grow well and be comfortable to walk barefoot on. 

Keep in mind that while this is an affordable option, it’s also high maintenance. You’ll need to regularly mow to keep your yard looking trim and neat. 

Mix and Match Materials 

One way you can create a beautiful deck is by using more than one material. This can elevate the look of your pool deck and give your home a more luxurious feel. 

Try using brick or stone immediately around the edge of your pool. Then switch to hardwood to create an above ground pool deck. You could use a combination of pavers and natural stone for a low maintenance option. 

There are plenty of materials for you to choose from. 

  • Brick 
  • Concrete 
  • Wood 
  • Travertine 
  • Pavers 
  • Composites 
  • Stone 
  • Tile

Create Rock Formations 

Don’t leave your pool deck area one dimensional and flat. Use real or artificial rock formations to create vertical structures. This will create an impressive presentation for your pool and increase the level of privacy. 

Create a Lush Oasis 

When working with a pool builder to create your pool deck, think about how you plan to use the space. Create areas where you can plant lush landscaping or place large pots with greenery. This will create natural shade and gives your pool area a more lush and resort-style feel. 

Build Your Pool Deck

When it comes to building a pool deck in your backyard, not all ideas will work. You’ll need to consider your home’s style, budget, and maintenance level tolerance. This will help you choose the perfect pool deck for your home. 

Contact our team of Austin pool builders and let us help you design and build your dream pool deck. 

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