Swimming Pool Color Trends for 2021

Swimming Pool Color Trends for 2021

Pool Color Trends What’s Hot for 2021

Do you want to splash into the new year with a fabulously designed pool? Well, we are going to dive into swimming pool color trends for 2021. 

When most people think of swimming pool color trends they think of the pools’s water color, and that is true, however there are several ways to change look of the waters color.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your pool or you’re a brand new pool owner, this list will definitely come in handy.

Balancing trends with your own wants and needs can be a challenge, but we hope that these suggestions make the potentially stressful experience of building a pool into one that you’re satisfied with. 

Grab your floaties, and let’s get swimming! 

The Plaster’s Finish

Concrete (gunite) pools have unlimited customization options. Plaster is the most common interior finish of these pools. They can be finished in various colors and accented by different types of stone, glass and ceramic tiles.

The two primary pool watercolors for 2021 are blue and green. If you’re looking for a nice blue color, the plaster needs to be either white, blue, black, or gray. If you prefer green-colored water, the finish should be green, tan, or brown.

Half of the battle is knowing what shade of blue or green water you want to achieve.

If you want a medium-blue water finish, gray plaster is an excellent option for you. For darker water reflection, choose blue or black plaster. For a bright, light color blue, aesthetic finish, try a class white plastered pool! The same goes for green. The deeper the watercolor desired, the deeper tan or brown plaster will be needed.

The plaster of your pool directly correlates to the overall aesthetic, color, and finish of the pool. Swimming pool color is essential to consider for you to achieve your intended result.

LED Lighting 

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If you want in on a trend that is going to shock the pool market this year, we’d recommend lighting your pool with trendy, vibrant, and mesmerizing LED lights.

LED lights not only provide a fun look, but they are also a super functional option for those who enjoy a night swim. If you’re looking to swim through the night, consider lighting your pool with LEDs! 

Your pool can illuminate in a variety of colors. LED lights reflect the whole rainbow! 

Unlike older lights installed in pools, LED lights give off less heat and require less energy to illuminate a pool. 

Additional Factors Affecting Water Color

Swimming Pool Color Trends for 2021

Pools Depth

The deeper the pools depth is, the darker the water will appear. Choosing a white plaster, the blue water color will look lighter in the shallow end and darker in the deeper end. If you choose a tan plaster, the green water will look lighter in the shallow vs. darker in the deeper end.


A key factor in choosing the water’s color for your pool is that many people never consider the environment. Weather can play a role, though it is only temporary depending on the season or time of day, it should be something to consider when choosing. On sunny days the pool’s water will look lighter and different than on cloudy days. A yard with many trees where the sun is minimal will affect the color, making it look deeper. A pool’s finish needs to coordinate with the natural color of the backyard surroundings.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Fountains and waterfalls are the biggest and hottest new trend for pools and they are great for many things: they are fun to look at, they give off a relaxing sound, and they increase the water flow of your pool. 

The pool circulation not only helps to keep the water clean and looking pristine; it also provides movement to the water. When the water droplets fall into the pool, light prisms are created, adding a bit of color variation as the water moves around.

These water features are also luxurious to look at especially at night when you add colored lights to them.

Swimming Pool Color Trends That Won’t Let You Down In 2021

If you want to keep up with swimming pool color trends and be ahead of the game for 2021, this guide is right for you. 

Barring COVID-19’s complications, our main hope is that you can create your own safe haven amidst the chaos. With our trend list and your impeccable taste, we are sure you can find the perfect pool plan to meet, nay, exceed your needs. 

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