10 Things to Consider Before Building a Swimming Pool

10 Things to Consider Before Building a Swimming Pool

https://iespools.com/contact-us/Let’s face it, it gets hot here in the Austin area. Really, ridiculously, stupid hot. Due to that, many property owners these days are interested in building a backyard swimming pool to combat the heat. That makes a ton of sense, as the existence of a swimming pool enhances the beauty of the property, helps you escape the sweltering summer days, and it also makes your kids happy as they spend hours playing there.

Despite the obvious benefits, building a swimming pool is a big investment that requires a lot of consideration. Lucky for you, the Austin swimming pool experts at IES Pools are here to tell you 10 key points to consider before embarking on building your backyard paradise.

1. Consider the Pool’s Purpose

First and foremost, you must be clear on the purpose of the pool and be able to justify its expense. Is it for exercise, relaxation, sports, entertainment, enhance property value and aesthetics or a combination? Knowing exactly why you want the pool will not only help validate the purchase but will also help direct your choices as you determine how to build the pool to best match your needs.

2. Check the Terrain

Consider a geotechnical engineering report before building your swimming pool. Conduct soil tests to assess the suitability. The site must have the right conditions for long term support and sustainability. The Austin area has a wide combination of terrains, so knowing exactly how the soil in your area works is critical. You wouldn’t want to build a pool, only to be forced to remove it within a few years due to the ground conditions. Fortunately, we’re familiar with all the different terrains in the region, whether it’s clay black land, rocky Hill Country, or somewhere in between.

3. Size Matters

The size of the pool isn’t only dependent on the amount of space available in the area. It also depends on the zoning restrictions and your budget. With IES Pools, we work with all the governing bodies to make sure you’re not only building to fit your space but also in compliance with any restrictions, easements, and allowances. Making sure you know these items upfront can go a long way to determining the final size and shape of your pool.

4. Set Your Budget

Having and securing the budget first is crucial (side note – if you’re looking for financing options, we suggest our partner, Lyon Financial. It is extremely important to be realistic before you set on your grand dreams. Pool prices can vary greatly, depending on your preferences just for the basic design/installation. On top of that, you’ll want to consider budgeting for several other expenditures, with things like covers, heating, landscaping, and decking being a consideration. Maintenance costs must also be added to the list.

5. Get a Design Idea

Knowing how you want to look sounds like an obvious consideration, but it’s definitely something that’s easy to overlook. We suggest researching examples of pools to determine what would look best and fit your preferred design in your space. For example, do you want your pool to be a statement piece that defines the backyard?  If so, you may also want to blend it more with the environment so that it gives a subtler artistic impression. Putting your pool design together will help make it easier to communicate your expectations and vision with your Austin pool contractors.

6. Consider the Users

It is important to estimate the size of the swimming pool you are planning to build. Are you building it for large parties and social occasions or is it just for you, your significant other, and kids? Obviously, the more people you plan on utilizing the pool at the same time, the larger your space would need to be, which also impacts the project budget. Consequently, decide the circulation routes (entrance and exit) and keep space for the guests to hang out.

7. Personalize with Special Features

Lightning and water features are always meant to maximize the enjoyment of a pool. Depending on your usage, you can go for shallow-beach style entries, underwater benches, a swim-up bar and play areas for basketball or volleyball. Another convenient way to protect an unsupervised pool is to opt for an automatic pool safety cover.

8. Backyard Landscaping & Design

Depending on the budget you’ve considered, you can include a wide range of things (firepit, pool house, outdoor kitchen, gazebo, swim-up bar, kids’ play equipment, and outdoor shower) to plan your ideal poolscape. Adding these features helps make your space more than just a pool – it makes it an outdoor oasis that can fit multiple purposes.

9. Don’t Overlook Maintenance

Every pool comes with the responsibility of maintenance. You need to ensure that your pool is energy-efficient with substantial filtration and sound hydraulics. Other kits include the usage of adequate skimmers, variable speed pumps, pool pump enclosures, larger pipes, sanitizers, chlorinators and more. With any pool that IES builds, we include a complimentary “Pool School” to help train you on maintenance processes, plus we offer 3-months of maintenance for free to help you get started.

10. Do Your Homework

Overall, it’s nearly impossible to have too much information when considering a new swimming pool for your Austin-area home. When you start the process, be sure to conduct thorough research before consulting a swimming pool builder. Select the right location. Choose durable materials. Consider the environmental factors that come into play. Have a clear estimate of the building plan and budget. The more you know in advance, the smoother the process of starting your project will be, and the less likely you are to need to make adjustments on the fly.

Ready to Get Started?

Once you’ve gotten your duck in a row, you’re ready to get started. Our team at IES Pools excels at helping take you from the conceptual stage all the way to your final walk-through. Contact our team today to see why we’re the preferred Austin swimming pool company and let us get started on building your backyard dream space!