Why You Should Build Your Pool in the Winter

Why You Should Build Your Pool in the Winter

If you live in the greater Austin area, and you’re considering installing a new swimming pool, you may be contemplating the optimal time of year for your pool installation. Since Austin temperatures are relatively warm throughout most of the year, many people would automatically assume summer is the best time to install a swimming pool. However, the dead of winter is actually the best time for your Austin swimming pool installation. Here are a few reasons why you should consider your pool installation during the “off-season” months, as opposed to the middle of summer.

1. Many Pool Builders Offer Sales & Discounts

During the winter months in the greater Austin area, you might see prime opportunities for special sales and discounts that aren’t available in the summertime, when pool installers are at their busiest and charge more. This is a major benefit because the money you save can go toward extras such as landscaping around the pool area, tile for the pool deck or even the spa you’ve always wanted.

2. Quality Pool Installers Will Be Available

The reason it’s so difficult to find a good pool installer in the summertime is that most of them are up to their necks in work. You may really want to hire a specific swimming pool contractor you heard about, but if you wait until summer, you may not be able to obtain their services. Many Austin area pool companies get so backed up with work in the summer months that they’re scheduled weeks or months out in advance. Thus, winter is the best time to get the pool installer everyone in your neighborhood is talking about.

3. Construction Will Be Finished By Spring / Summer

If you’ve lived in Austin for any amount of time, you know it gets downright sauna hot in summer. Therefore, you’ll be glad you had your swimming pool built in the winter so it will be done by the time you really need it. Believe us, you don’t want to hit triple digits again this year without a backyard pool to cool off in.

4. You’ll Have Time to Decorate and Improve the Landscaping

Installing your swimming pool in the winter months provides time to decorate your swimming pool deck with tiles, concrete, stones, and other decking components. These materials can enhance your pool’s appearance and serve as slip-resistant features at the same time. You’ll also find that outdoor furniture and other features are also less expensive in the winter months, saving you money on the new items you’ll need to finish out your backyard oasis. You can also spruce up your backyard with solar-powered lighted walkways leading to flower gardens and other landscaping features. These are inexpensive options that can add tremendous value to properties with swimming pools.

5. You’ll Get More Time with Your Swimming Pool

Who doesn’t want to get the most possible use out of their investment during the first year? Installing your swimming pool in the winter gives you more time to cool down and enjoy your investment in the blazing Texas summer sun.

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